Gabriels Storm – Unique original oil painting on canvas block panel.

This painting was first started the day Storm Eunice was hitting the UK. I was safe and warm in my studio, after having a wonderful invigorating walk along Exmouth beach!

Andre Rieu was my choice of music that afternoon, and one particular piece of music swept me away, so I just kept playing it…and this painting was created to that piece of music…’Gabriel’s Oboe’.

When the painting was finished, I was quite emotional, from an artist’s point of view.

Each day since, the light has come through my studio window, and the colours change and create a different sense of calm! How can a Storm be calming I thought… but it is a unique piece of art.

Even on a dull day , the colours deepen and a fantastic sense of depth and grounding can be felt. Only when you see this painting will you get the wonderful sense of what a storm is all about.

Today I have sold ‘Gabriels Oboe’. It is the only one. There are no prints, they could not be reproduced.

The colours could not be matched.

I could choose not to sell the painting, but I am so glad that the person who has bought it, will also find the joy of my ‘Gabriel’s Storm’

About Gail Morris Art

West Country Artist who is passionate about the sea, sky and clouds. Welcome to my world...
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